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White Mountain Aven

Dryas octopetala

White mountain aven, Dryas octopetala, copyright 2007 Andy Fyon,


White Mountain Aven, Dryas octopetala, copyright 2007 Andy Fyon,

Also known as: mountain aven

Habitat: Grows as a ground cover or mat in wet meadows, ground depressions, slopes, and ridges.  Generally on dry or well drained areas, such as rocks, gravel, or sand that is not rich in organic materials.

Interest: The plant has 8-10 white petals.  The flowers are said to follow the Sun.  The shrub has evergreen leaves, with have scalloped edges, that have a underside covered by  white, woolly down.  The flowers have both male and female organs (e.g., hermaphrodite).  The plant can fix Nitrogen into the soil.

Location: Plateau M, Alberta and Sunshine Meadows, Alberta
Date: July 1, 2006

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